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Abguss Stahl

Core Making

Core making involves the production of cores, which then serve to shape the interior outlines of a cast part. We differentiate between the following production steps:




The core box is filled with moulding material. It’s always important to make sure that the moulding material is sufficiently condensed to allow the core to build up sufficient strength.


After the core has been hardened by precipitation, the core box is opened and the core is taken out.


The next production step is the painting procedure in which the core receives multiple layers of coating. The idea is to protect the moulding material from the hot steel to give it a quality casting surface.



After the coating has dried, the core is arranged in the mould.

Every cast part varies in size and in weight of the core.

Until now the largest produced core at the CASTING GROUP weighs 4,000 kg and is 1,700 mm tall.