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Stahlgießerei Putzerei

Cleaning Process

In the cleaning process, the unfinished cast part is cleared of the gating & riser technology applied to it, right along with any surface unevenness. It involves four work steps:



In order to clear the cast parts of remaining sand and scale, their surfaces are blasted with, for example, radiated marcasite (with a graining of approx. 2.5 mm) at high velocity.



Burning removes feeders, casting patterns and casting-related points of stiffening from the cast parts. In our production, we apply the techniques of autogenous cutting, powder flame cutting and Arc-welding, among others.



Pendular Grinding

Pendular grinding comes to use on any large areas that need grinding. Once the pendulum machine is in position, its center of gravity can be pneumatically changed for increased grinding power.


Cleaning serves the purpose of producing the required surface finish on our cast parts. Any surplus materials left behind after the manufacturing process are removed with high-frequency grinders.